Architectural Gems: Study Tours in Historic Savannah

February 27, 2024

If you have a passion for serenading yourself with the silent poetry of historic buildings, then Savannah Architectural Study Tours are beckoning you to explore their timeless allure. Savannah, steeped in a rich historic tapestry, offers you an unparalleled journey through the corridors of the past with its architectural tours Savannah. As you embark on these architecture study tours, expect to be guided through a visual feast of antebellum homes, cobblestoned squares, and hauntingly beautiful cemeteries—all echoing the stories of ages gone by.

With opportunities ranging from the elegance of a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour to the in-depth exploration of a ghost walking tour, each experience is curated to reveal the layers of Savannah’s architectural heritage. Imagine walking through the Bonaventure Cemetery, where the architectural finesse is as captivating as the history etched into every tombstone and mausoleum. These walking tours offer more than just a glance—they afford you the chance to live and breathe the character of the city.

Key Takeaways

  • Uncover the rich architectural tapestry of Savannah through professionally curated study tours.
  • Experience the diverse range of tours, from leisurely trolley rides to intimate walking tours.
  • Step back in time with tours highlighting historical landmarks and timeless elegance.
  • Discover the deep-rooted stories behind Savannah’s most iconic structures and spaces.
  • Enjoy a blend of educational richness and visual splendor that characterizes Savannah’s architectural scene.

Embarking on Savannah Architectural Study Tours

Prepare yourself for an enriching journey as you delve into the world of Savannah architecture tours. These expertly curated experiences are designed to showcase the historic beauty and intricate details of the city’s most iconic structures. Amongst these, the Savannah Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour, with an impressive 91% traveler recommendation rate, allows you to explore at your own pace while ensuring you don’t miss any of the architectural highlights.

For a more intimate exploration, consider the Historic Savannah Guided Walking Tour. Lauded by 96% of travelers, this tour provides an in-depth narrative of Savannah’s structural masterpieces, paired with tales of the past that breathe life into the cobblestone streets and antebellum homes. Whether you’re a student of design, a history enthusiast, or simply in search of beauty, these guided architecture tours offer a window into the soul of Savannah.

  • Uncover the allure of centuries-old mansions and public buildings
  • Learn about the urban planning that makes Savannah unique
  • Glimpse into the city’s past with stories that echo through the architecture

If you’re on a budget, rejoice in the knowledge that architecture study tours in Savannah can be both affordable and comprehensive. With prices ranging from as little as $8 to around $30 per adult, you can immerse yourself in the architectural grandeur of this historic city without breaking the bank.

Seize the opportunity to experience Savannah’s renowned hospitality and take part in a memorable adventure through one of America’s most charming cities.

Discovering the Historical Architecture Savannah Boasts

Bonaventure Cemetery Tours

As you stroll through the enchanting streets of Savannah, you are stepping into a story that melds past and present, where the historical architecture Savannah is celebrated at every corner. An exploration of this Southern city’s rich architectural tapestry is a journey through time, where each structure narrates a chapter of history.

The heart of this architectural narrative is Savannah’s Historical District. Here, amidst the tree-shaded squares and cobbled streets, you’ll find an impressive collection of period buildings, each telling tales of the city’s colorful past. The Historical District is not merely a highlight—it’s a canvas showcasing centuries of design and development, comprising no less than 126 noteworthy places that capture history’s essence.

On your passage through Savannah’s celebrated avenues, don’t miss the opportunity to join one of the Bonaventure Cemetery Tours. Lauded by 93% of travelers, these guided excursions delve beyond the surface, allowing participants to profoundly connect with the city’s storied history. A visit to Bonaventure Cemetery transcends a normal outing—statues, headstones, and mausoleums stand as solemn testaments to life and artistry that have shaped Savannah’s cultural and architectural identity.

  • Witness breathtaking examples of Gothic, Greek Revival, and Victorian architectures, among others.
  • Experience the reverence of walking amongst the resting places of some of Savannah’s most notable figures.
  • Discover the poignant beauty and intricacies characteristic of this historic site that’s more than just a cemetery—it’s a portrait of a bygone era.

Allow yourself the privilege to immerse in the depth of Savannah’s historical richness. The historical architecture in Savannah not only enhances the cityscape but imbues your visit with a sense of discovery and wonder. It’s here, in the public squares, colonial homes, and silent graveyards, that the essence of the South endures.

Guided Architecture Tours: A Deep Dive Into Savannah’s Heritage

Bonaventure Cemetery Walking Tour

As you wander through the cobblestone streets and under the sweeping oaks draped with Spanish moss, Savannah’s soulful history whispers through its grand architectural wonders. Embark on guided architecture tours to truly understand the narratives etched in the facades and interiors of this historic city. Your journey can begin with the Bonaventure Cemetery Walking Tour with Transportation. It’s more than a stroll among the headstones—it’s a passage through time, revealing stories of the famous figures resting there and the symbolic artistry of their monuments.

For a tour tinted with the supernatural, climb aboard the Savannah Ghost Trolley Tour. This excursion isn’t simply about the thrill of the eerie. It weaves together the opulent, tragic, and spooky history of Savannah under the veil of dusk, while also treating your palate with dinner at the famed Pirate’s House—an experience no ghost nor architecture aficionado would dare to miss.

  • Discover the intricacies of Savannah’s historic neighborhoods.
  • Savor anecdotes that give life to the architectural relics.
  • Appreciate the preservation efforts sustaining Savannah’s charm.

These expertly curated experiences are lauded by visitors who leave with a deeper appreciation for this Georgian jewel. As the past and present converge, you not only witness the spectacular heritage of Savannah but also play a part in its ongoing story.

Architectural Walking Tours Savannah: A Self-Guided Exploration

Architectural walking tours Savannah

Imagine strolling through Savannah’s Historical District, where every corner whispers tales of the past, with the freedom to pause and marvel at the intricate details of its historic buildings. Your journey through architectural walking tours Savannah is not a scripted event but an adventure at your own pace, enveloping you in the city’s rich tapestry, guided by nothing but your curiosity and a self-guided audio tour.

With self-guided tours, you’re the master of your itinerary. You decide when to start and where to linger, learning about Savannah’s iconic architectural splendor without the constraints of a group’s schedule. For as little as $8, these budget-friendly explorations are not only easy on the wallet but generous in the wealth of knowledge and experiences they offer.

  1. Begin at the famed Forsyth Park, a lush expanse that invites leisurely walks amidst its verdant landscapes and a stunning fountain that serves as a popular visual landmark.
  2. Meander along Bull Street, where the Savannah’s Historical District unfolds its architectural narrative from classic antebellum homes to Victorian-era treasures.
  3. Visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, where its Gothic Revival exterior gives way to tranquil spiritual interiors, replete with intricate stained glass and soaring spires.
  4. Discover the secrets behind the Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, a regal example of English Regency architecture that offers a poignant glimpse into America’s historical complexities.

In this exquisite canvas of history, self-guided tours empower you to absorb Savannah’s enchanting aura. Whether it’s the symmetry of its squares or the storied streets, every element becomes a chapter in your personal discovery of Savannah. Set your own stride, explore hidden corners, and make serendipitous finds—your exploration of architectural walking tours Savannah awaits.

Preservation Architecture Tours: Protecting Savannah’s Legacy

preservation architecture tours

Embark on a journey through time with preservation architecture tours that celebrate the enduring spirit of historical architecture Savannah is renowned for. As you stroll through the city, you’ll discover that the essence of Savannah’s identity lies in its commitment to protecting its storied past. Guided architecture tours go beyond mere sightseeing; they are immersive educational experiences designed to enhance your appreciation for the city’s dedication to architectural conservation.

On these tours, you’ll uncover the intricate work that goes into maintaining the integrity of Savannah’s historical edifices. Whether it’s a seasoned expert recounting the proper restoration of a Victorian home or a guide weaving tales of hauntings with facts about architectural preservation, these tours provide a unique and multifaceted perspective on the city.

  • Learn about the comprehensive efforts to preserve Savannah’s unique architectural characteristics.
  • Experience the narratives of buildings that have stood the test of time thanks to preservation initiatives.
  • Join the ranks of the 92% of travelers who recommend these tours for their role in highlighting Savannah’s commitment to its historical and cultural legacy.

As you delve into the stories behind Savannah’s illustrious facades, you gain insight into not only the beauty but also the struggles of preserving the fabric that makes the city uniquely alluring. Tours such as the Sixth Sense Savannah Ghost Tour, lauded for its educational value, seamlessly intertwine local lore with the importance of architectural preservation. It’s in these moments that you realize: Savannah isn’t just a city; it’s a living museum, dutifully cared for by those passionate about keeping history alive.

The Impact of Historical Figures on Savannah’s Architectural Identity

Embark on a journey through Savannah’s Lafayette Square and you may find yourself standing before the illustrious Andrew Low House, a structure where the grandeur of the city’s architectural narrative is profoundly felt. Here, the legacies of historical figures Savannah has cherished – such as the notable Low family and the influential Milledges – take on physical form within the bricks and mortar of this treasured residence.

This museum, reverently preserving mid-nineteenth-century designs, offers you more than just a visage of aesthetic beauty; it invites you to step into the intimate spaces once inhabited by some of Savannah’s most prominent citizens. Through their stories, you gain a vivid understanding of how individuals’ lives and contributions have intricately woven together to create the very fabric of the city’s architectural identity.

  • Andrew Low House: Not merely a home, but also a testament to Savannah’s rich cultural tapestry, the house allows you to explore a perfectly preserved antebellum era dwelling.
  • Historical Figures: Discover the indelible marks left by influential residents, whose legacies have been encapsulated within the Low House’s walls.
  • Lafayette Square: As you roam the verdant expanse of Lafayette Square, you’ll find yourself amidst a nexus of historical significance, where each corner and crevice tells a story.

Whether you’re a history aficionado or an architecture enthusiast, the encounter with Savannah’s storied past through iconic places like the Andrew Low House, set against the backdrop of the scenic Lafayette Square, is sure to leave a lasting impression, writing a personal chapter in your exploration of historical figures Savannah has celebrated over the centuries.

Studying Contemporary Influences Within Savannah Architecture Tours

When you explore Savannah, it’s impossible to overlook the contemporary architecture Savannah boasts amidst its antebellum charm. The Jepson Center, part of the Telfair Museums, stands as a testament to the innovative evolution of design within the city’s historic heart. Conceived by the visionary Architect Moshe Safdie, this modern marvel is a testament to the city’s embracement of contemporary art within a landscape steeped in tradition.

As you approach the Jepson Center, you are greeted by the shimmering glass façade on York Street, a bold contrast to the warm hues of Savannah’s storied brick buildings. It’s here, at this intersection of old and new, that the museum showcases its commitment to the arts and the community’s forward-thinking spirit. The design features an ingenious use of architectural screens that draw inspiration from neoclassical elements—melding time-honored concepts with cutting-edge aesthetics.

The light-filled atriums and galleries within are purposely crafted, focusing on the play of natural illumination to enhance your encounter with modern art. Every angle and line within the Jepson Center echoes the harmony intended between Savannah’s treasured past and the dynamic pulse of the present.

  • The Jepson Center’s innovative design boldly complements the classical Savannah architecture.
  • Architectural screens tie together modern and neoclassical elements.
  • Natural light is a purposeful aspect of the museum’s contemporary design.

The Jepson Center is not merely a building; it’s a conversation between times and styles—a centerpiece within your architectural tour that will challenge and expand your appreciation for Savannah’s diverse architectural landscape.

Planning Your Visit: Architectural Study Programs and Accommodations

When your pursuit of knowledge leads you to explore Savannah’s renowned historical and contemporary architecture, enrich your experience by embedding yourself in the heart of the region. The Savannah Lakes RV Resort offers you not just a place to rest but an opportunity to reside amidst the tranquil beauty of Hardeeville, SC, a stone’s throw from Savannah’s charm.

Delve into architectural study programs that go beyond the textbook, bringing to life the intricacies of antebellum homes, the tales enshrined within brick and mortar, and the sleek lines of modern masterpieces. Pair the day’s learning with peaceful evenings under starlit skies, where your accommodation choice supports your academic endeavors and provides a nurturing gateway.

Discover how the cozy quarters and exemplary amenities at Savannah Lakes RV Resort can enhance your scholarly visit:

  • Immerse yourself in an environment conducive to reflection and study, surrounded by nature’s calm.
  • Connect with fellow aficionados of architecture and history, converging from various study programs around the world.
  • Conveniently located in Hardeeville, SC, it’s a verdant retreat within reach of Savannah’s architectural explorations.
  • Transform this trip into a truly comprehensive educational journey, encompassing both learning and leisure.

Remember, your visit to Savannah is more than a mere trip—it’s a chapter in your continuous quest for knowledge. Choose accommodations that echo the architectural beauty and historical importance you seek in your studies.


Savannah Architectural Study Tours offer a comprehensive foray into the world of historical architecture, blending education with enjoyment. As you navigate the city’s cobbled streets and marvel at the exquisite detailing of its buildings, you engage in an experience that transcends the mere visual. These tours are a testament to the intricate tapestry of Savannah’s heritage, where every brick and spindle narrates the rich saga of the city’s past.

The dedication to historical preservation is palpable as you observe the care taken to maintain Savannah’s architectural legacy. Your journey through this historical enclave isn’t just about tracing the contours of its buildings; it’s about understanding the collective effort to safeguard a story that began centuries ago. Each facade in Savannah’s Historical District serves as a poignant reminder of the past, urging visitors to appreciate and protect the legacy we’ve inherited.

As you consider embarking on one of these enriching Savannah Architectural Study Tours, remember to integrate your schedule with time for reflection and relaxation. Nearby accommodations provide the perfect respite to absorb the day’s adventures fully. With a thoughtful blend of activity and leisure, your exploration of Savannah’s historical architecture can be both an enlightening and profoundly memorable encounter.


What can I expect from Savannah Architectural Study Tours?

Savannah Architectural Study Tours offer an immersive exploration of historic and contemporary architecture in Savannah, including guided and self-guided options that reveal the city’s rich history and stunning architectural narrative.

Are there guided architecture tours available in Savannah?

Yes, there are a variety of guided architecture tours available, such as the Savannah Ghost Trolley Tour and the Bonaventure Cemetery Walking Tour with Transportation, which delve into the city’s heritage and architectural splendor.

How can I discover the historical architecture Savannah is renowned for?

You can explore Savannah’s Historical District, embark on Bonaventure Cemetery Tours, and take part in preservation architecture tours to witness the historical architecture Savannah boasts.

Is it possible to do architectural walking tours in Savannah independently?

Absolutely, architectural walking tours Savannah offers self-guided options like Savannah’s Historical District Self-Guided Audio Tour, allowing you to explore at your own pace with insightful audio commentary.

What do preservation architecture tours emphasize in Savannah?

Preservation architecture tours highlight the significance of safeguarding Savannah’s architectural integrity, showcasing efforts to maintain the historical edifices and the city’s commitment to architectural conservation.

How do historical figures influence Savannah’s architectural identity?

Historical figures like the Low family and the Milledges have left an indelible mark on Savannah, with sites like the Andrew Low House connecting visitors to the rich narratives that shaped the city’s architecture.

What role does contemporary architecture play in Savannah’s architectural tours?

Contemporary architecture is celebrated through the Jepson Center at Telfair Museums, designed by Moshe Safdie, which showcases modern influences and adds to the richness of Savannah’s architectural landscape.

Are there recommendations for accommodations near architectural study programs in Savannah?

Yes, for those looking to extend their architectural study experience, nearby accommodations such as Savannah Lakes RV Resort in Hardeeville, SC, offer a convenient and comfortable stay close to Savannah’s architectural highlights.

Do Savannah architecture tours cater to both the budget-conscious and luxury-seeking travelers?

Yes, Savannah architecture tours offer a range of experiences to suit different budgets and preferences, from budget-friendly self-guided audio tours to premium guided excursions with additional perks.

Are there any architectural study tours that combine historical insights with other aspects of Savannah’s culture?

Yes, tours like the Savannah Ghost Trolley Tour, which includes dinner at the Pirate’s House, blend historical architecture with the local culinary scene for a comprehensive cultural experience.

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