Inside the Savannah Historical Society: Pioneering Preservation Projects

February 25, 2024

Embark on a journey of discovery with Savannah’s storied past as your guide. The Savannah Historical Society Projects stand at the forefront of historical preservation projects, cultivating a profound understanding and appreciation for Savannah heritage projects. Through the society’s initiatives, you, the enthusiasts of history and heritage, are invited to connect with the multifaceted narrative that constitutes the city’s enduring charm.

Your passion for local historical preservation is echoed through the society’s meticulous work. From salvaging architectural treasures to curating comprehensive exhibits, the society’s endeavours ensure that the essence of Savannah’s cultural history is not only remembered but vibrantly alive within the community.

Witness firsthand how the Coastal Museums Association’s recognition of these preservation efforts signifies a societal commitment to honoring our collective history. Let the achievements of the Savannah Historical Society inspire you to delve deeper into the city’s rich tapestry of bygone eras.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the critical role of the Savannah Historical Society in preserving local heritage.
  • Explore the significant historical preservation projects that safeguard Savannah’s architectural and cultural treasures.
  • Discover the award-winning Georgia Historical Society Research Center Exhibit and its impact on heritage appreciation.
  • Embrace community-focused initiatives such as the Pioneers in Preservation Series and Tasting Traditions program.
  • Learn about the recognition these Savannah heritage projects have received for their contributions to historical research and community engagement.
  • Appreciate the societal and educational benefits generated by these local historical preservation efforts.

The Legacy of the Coastal Museums Association Awards

When you engage with the fabric of Savannah’s history through its museums and cultural programs, you’re connecting with a legacy honored by the Coastal Museums Association (CMA) Awards. These awards serve not just to commend but to cast a spotlight on the invaluable educational and cultural outreach generated by local historical institutions. In particular, the initiatives recognized have not only enriched our knowledge of Savannah historical research but have also been influential in shaping community history projects and historical society programs throughout the Coastal Empire and Lowcountry.

Your appreciation for community-driven educational programs is echoed in the recognition of outstanding projects like the “Pioneers in Preservation Series; The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Its Legacy.” This series, an embodiment of collaborative historical society programs, engaged a diverse audience in the profound narrative of the Transatlantic Slave Trade’s history and its enduring impact on our society.

Another remarkable program celebrated at the CMA Awards—“Tasting Traditions”—dives into the deep roots of African American culinary heritage. This initiative performed an exceptional function in not only highlighting culturally significant gastronomy but also in serving as a vital educational tool. It supported the pursuit of Savannah historical research while capturing the essence of local flavors and stories. Such programs are testament to the hard work and dedication of individuals who strive to keep the spirit of Savannah alive through community history projects.

  • Community engagement through historical society programs
  • The impact of collaboration in Savannah historical research
  • Celebration of African American heritage through community history projects

As you reflect on the substantial contributions of programs honored by the Coastal Museums Association Awards, it’s evident that these initiatives are not just past accomplishments but ongoing pursuits. They continue to weave together the storied tapestry of Savannah, ensuring that history is not just understood but celebrated and experienced. It is through such commitments to historical society programs and community history projects that the legacy of preservation and education is maintained for future generations.

A Glimpse into the Research Center’s Illustrious Patrons

Savannah heritage projects

If you’re intrigued by local historical initiatives and Savannah heritage projects, the Reading Room at the Georgia Historical Society Research Center might just capture your imagination. This esteemed facility is where history comes alive, rich with the research of scholars, authors, and luminaries who have walked through its doors to delve into archives that speak volumes about Georgia’s storied past.

The Reading Room has welcomed a host of eminent personalities, each with their unique quest for knowledge. Whether it was the historical inquiries of William Bacon Stevens or the expansive interests of media mogul Ted Turner, their work here underlines the Center’s far-reaching influence. Even Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has utilized these resources, reflecting the center’s significance across various fields.

The scope of research accomplished here is testament to the Georgia Historical Society’s dedication to its mission. Since 1839, the Society has worked tirelessly to ensure historical materials are not only preserved but also imparted with relevance for future generations. Here, you have the opportunity to:

  • Explore original documents and artifacts that are crucial pieces of Savannah’s rich heritage.
  • Witness the ongoing efforts that support Savannah heritage projects through rigorous scholarship.
  • Participate in a continuum of learning that celebrates and sustains the rich tapestry of local history.

The Georgia Historical Society Research Center does more than just preserve documents—it ignites conversations and discoveries that contribute to the cultural and historical fabric of the community. As such, it stands as a pillar among local historical initiatives, inviting each visitor into the fold of Savannah’s enduring legacy.

Savannah Historical Society Projects: A Beacon of Local Heritage

As you delve into the heart of Savannah, you will quickly uncover that the historical society initiatives are not just a mere chronicle of the past, but a vivid celebration of the community’s longstanding traditions. These projects, carefully nurtured by the Savannah Historical Society, beckon history enthusiasts and scholars alike to partake in a journey of discovery and enlightenment.

Imagine walking through the doors of the newly renovated GHS Research Center, a cornerstone of Savannah’s cultural landscape. Here, the preservation of history is not confined to books and exhibitions, but brought to life through an array of historical society events that paint a detailed portrait of the region’s rich heritage.

  • GHS Research Center’s exhibitions, where the fusion of narrative and artifact connects you with the storied history of the Peach State.
  • Educational programs and workshops that encourage community members of all ages to engage with local history on a personal level.
  • Special events designed to honor the milestones that shaped Savannah, keeping the public informed and intrigued.

These endeavors reflect the essence of the society’s mission: to offer knowledge that anchors the community to its historical roots while ensuring the integrity of its narrative persists. In stepping through the timeline that these initiatives expertly weave, you become part of this ongoing story, contributing to a legacy that future generations will continue to cherish.

The ambition of the Savannah Historical Society goes beyond merely archiving the past; it actively reinvigorates the connections that the people of Savannah share with their history—making it as alive and pertinent today as it has ever been. Whether you’re a long-standing resident or a visitor eager to unearth the hidden gems of Savannah’s past, the society’s projects ensure that the illumination of history remains accessible and engaging for everyone.

Transforming Crisis into Opportunity: The Davenport House Story

Historic Davenport House, a local historical preservation project

When you reflect on the essence of Savannah’s architectural charm, you can’t help but think of the Isaiah Davenport House. Built in 1820, this historic jewel was on the brink of demolition, threatening to erode a piece of the past that once set the stage for Savannah’s storied streets. It was then, a pivotal moment emerged, transforming a potential crisis into the cornerstone of one of the most significant historical preservation projects in the city’s history.

It was the steadfast determination of Anna Colquitt Hunter, a local journalist and civic rights activist, that sparked a movement that would transcend time. Banding together with likeminded individuals, Hunter established the Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) – a group that would not only purchase but also revitalize the Davenport House. Reflecting on their feat, you see more than just the preservation of a house; you witness the preservation of Savannah’s identity itself.

Today, the Davenport House stands proudly, not just as a museum, but as a beacon of local historical preservation. It serves as a tangible reminder of what can be accomplished when a community unites for the love of its heritage. Visitors from far and wide walk through its halls, getting a glimpse of the past, feeling the reverberations of a moment in history that almost slipped away.

Below, you’ll discover how the Davenport House, once saved from the clutches of destruction, has fostered a robust heritage conservation culture within Savannah:

  1. **Grassroots Efforts**: Understand the impetus behind Anna Colquitt Hunter’s rallying cry and how it encapsulated the city’s consciousness.
  2. **Revitalization Process**: Explore the rigorous process of restoring the Davenport House to its former glory, a meticulous endeavor that became a labor of love.
  3. **Expanding the Mission**: Learn how the preservation of one historic site evolved into a city-wide crusade to protect Savannah’s architectural legacy.

As the story of the Davenport House museum unfolds, it resonates with the power of vision and the might of collective effort. It reaffirms the belief that each historical landmark saved is not merely a structure retained but a chapter maintained in the narrative of a community. And for you, a lover of history and heritage, such stories are invitations to participate, preserve, and protect the cultural tapestry that is uniquely Savannah’s own.

Historical Preservation Projects Revitalizing Savannah’s Charm

As a lover of history and architectural beauty, you may have witnessed the transformative power of local historical preservation efforts that breathe new life into the streets of Savannah. These initiatives are not simply regarded as construction or renovation tasks; they embody a collective pursuit to conserve the essence of Savannah’s historical identity—its richness and character passed down through centuries.

The Historical Savannah Foundation (HSF), with its deep commitment to community history projects, stands out as the architect behind the recovery of the city’s grand old buildings that were once on the brink of oblivion. Their relentless work spreads across Savannah, reclaiming the history ingrained within over 400 structures. Each project completed revitalizes a piece of the city’s soul, contributing to its distinct charisma and allure that draws visitors from around the globe.

Imagine strolling through the cobblestone streets, where each stone placed is a testament to Savannah’s historical and architectural heritage. The HSF’s work offers more than just a glimpse into the past; it provides a narrative that engages, educates, and inspires. The preservation goes beyond aesthetics, as it underpins the city’s economic resurgence and cultural renaissance, ensuring that generations to come will be able to enjoy and learn from Savannah’s storied past.

  • Revitalization of the iconic Victorian District
  • Restoration of the treasured Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
  • Conservation of the charming Pulaski Square

Through these historical preservation activities, Savannah has been able to safeguard its unique architectural narrative, making it a highly regarded destination for tourists and a place of pride for its residents. Indeed, the participation and support of the community have been pivotal in the city’s resurgence as a beacon of cultural inheritance.

Your engagement with Savannah’s history supports a continuing legacy of local historical preservation. By visiting, learning, and maybe even contributing to the HSF, you become part of a journey that ensures the city’s charm is not just preserved, but also shared widely and cherished deeply.

Historical Society Initiatives: Curating Community Heritage

Historical Society Initiatives

As you explore Savannah’s enchanting streets, you’re not just witnessing scenery, but also the results of deliberate, passionate historical society initiatives. The Historic Savannah Foundation (HSF) crafts a narrative of resilience and dedication with every brick laid and every windowpane polished. They don’t just preserve old buildings; they breathe life into the community’s heritage, ensuring that every corner tells a story of the past for future generations to behold.

Your experience of this city’s charm is enriched by historical society programs like no other. HSF has a strong hand in the fabric of local history, sewing together the tears of time to present a tapestry of eras. Their work showcases the power of preservation as a policy tool, proving it pivotal for economic prosperity and cultural vitality. These programs offer an inspiring model for nurturing a city’s soul by honoring its historical heartbeat.

  • Comprehensive neighborhood revitalizations
  • Strengthening economic viability through heritage preservation
  • Advocacy and education to foster community involvement

It is through this lens that you observe not just a building, but a culmination of countless individual stories, efforts, and aspirations. To partake in this collective memory is to appreciate the true essence of Savannah’s allure. So, next time you marvel at a historic facade, remember the tireless work of the Historic Savannah Foundation and its dedication to safeguarding the perfected art of historical storytelling woven through the city’s fabric.

The Architectural Wealth Behind Savannah’s Historic Districts

When you stroll through the streets of Savannah, you become a living witness to the storied past of one of America’s most cherished cities. The Savannah heritage projects bring together a symphony of architectural historical preservation projects, each with its own narrative and place in the city’s cultural tapestry. The care and dedication poured into these areas are palpable, producing an environment that transcends mere aesthetics to embody the soul of historical preservation.

The core of Savannah’s architectural splendor lies in the National Historic Landmark District. Here, you can immerse yourself in the past with every step, surrounded by the beauty of well-preserved colonial homes, Victorian mansions, and cobblestone streets. This extensive district is a celebration of eras gone by, boasting picturesque squares and an eclectic mix of structures that offer glimpses into different moments of American history.

  • The majestic Oglethorpe Plan, with its systematic squares and parks, showcases the genius of urban planning from the 18th century.
  • The enchanting Victorian District captures the essence of a time when ornamentation and elaborate detail told the story of the city’s affluence.
  • The iconic waterfront, once the heart of the cotton trade, now stands remodeled into a hub of modern culture and commerce without losing its historical significance.

But the reach of Savannah’s historical preservation expands beyond the iconic landmark district. Numerous other historic areas within the city and county bear the marks of architectural significance, embodying styles unique to their origins. They stand not merely as neighborhoods but as vital remnants of Savannah’s continued commitment to historical and architectural historical preservation projects.

It’s the integration of these historical districts within the city’s modern fabric that exemplifies why Savannah is viewed as a paradigm of preservation in the United States. From the ambitious preservationists who rally for the city’s legacy to the artisans and craftsmen who meticulously restore each wrought-iron detail, Savannah is a living museum where its residents are the custodians of its historical wealth.

Your experience in Savannah will be rich with the visual and structural narratives of bygone eras, each building and square telling a story of resilience, artistry, and community spirit. Here, the Savannah heritage projects are not just a testament to the past but a beacon for the future of architectural conservation and appreciation.

Education Through Events: Pioneers in Preservation Series

Pioneers in Preservation Series

When you delve into the vibrant heart of Savannah’s history, you not only encounter timeless tales but also the intensive educational efforts of groups like the Savannah Historical Society. Known for their commitment to preserving and sharing knowledge, they’ve turned historical society events into immersive experiences that resonate deeply with both residents and visitors alike. Their Pioneers in Preservation Series is no exception, as it showcases the dedication to Savannah historical research and education.

Imagine participating in events where the sheer fabric of time seems to unravel before you. Each gathering is a journey through crucial historical benchmarks such as the legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, opening the floor for scholarly discourse and profound communal connection. This series particularly highlights that history is not just to be read, but experienced and understood in its complexity and impact.

  • Interact with historians and experts leading these informative sessions.
  • Discover untold narratives through engaging and meticulously researched presentations.
  • Engage in dialogues that challenge perspectives and promote a collective heritage appreciation.

By attending these historical society events, you’re contributing to a larger narrative—one that cherishes and amplifies the voices of the past while forging a bridge to the future. Embrace the opportunity to expand your knowledge and enhance your understanding of Savannah’s historical landscape.

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Individuals of Excellence in Preservation

In the realm of historical society programs and community history projects, it’s the individuals behind the scenes who often propel these endeavors from vision to reality. Your local communities thrive on the dedication of these passionate individuals, and Savannah is a shining example of this spirit. A notable figure in this domain is Wilma Wheaton, whose voluntary contributions have bolstered the preservation efforts of significant historical landmarks and archives throughout Savannah.

Wilma’s hands-on service with institutions such as the City of Savannah Municipal Archives, The Davenport House, and the Bonaventure Historical Society has been integral to maintaining the cultural tapestry of the city. Recognition from esteemed bodies like the Coastal Museums Association Awards is a testament to her invaluable commitment and the profound impact volunteers can have on safeguarding historical legacies.

As you engage with the rich tapestry of your local history, take a moment to appreciate the relentless efforts of these unsung heroes. Their unwavering dedication ensures that the stories, structures, and soul of communities like Savannah remain intact for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

  • Cherishing the priceless contributions of devoted preservationists.
  • Recognizing the indispensable role of volunteers in historical preservation.
  • Encouraging community involvement in historical society programs.
  • Supporting community history projects that engage and educate.

By taking time to honor the work of these individuals, you contribute to a culture of preservation that extends well beyond the borders of Savannah, inspiring others to follow in the footsteps of excellence embodied by people like Wilma Wheaton.


In the heart of Georgia, where the past interlaces with the present, the Savannah Historical Society’s endeavors resonate deeply within the community. As you traverse the picturesque landscapes and absorb the narratives embedded in Savannah’s cobblestone streets, you become a part of the living testimony to the city’s historical preservation projects. It’s an immersive experience, one that could begin with a stay at Savannah Lakes RV Resort, where the charm of the old south meets the convenience of modern-day explorations.

The commitment of the Savannah Historical Society to safeguard local historical initiatives stands as an enduring pillar of cultural stewardship. By engaging with their projects, your visit is enriched, creating a connection to the longevity of Savannah’s storied past. These initiatives not only foster a deeper understanding but also strengthen the bonds between the city’s historical identity and its visitors.

Embracing Savannah’s heritage through these local historical preservation efforts is to partake in an ongoing story, one that is carefully preserved and passionately shared by the Savannah Historical Society. Let your journey through the city’s history inspire appreciation for the tireless work that maintains the lifeblood of this vibrant southern community, ensuring this legacy thrives for generations to come.


What are some of the Savannah Historical Society’s notable preservation projects?

The Savannah Historical Society has been recognized for projects including the Georgia Historical Society Research Center Exhibit, the Pioneers in Preservation Series, and the Tasting Traditions program, which all support local heritage and historical preservation efforts.

How has the Coastal Museums Association honored the Savannah Historical Society?

The Coastal Museums Association awarded the Savannah Historical Society for its exemplary contributions to historical research and preservation, particularly through initiatives such as the Pioneers in Preservation Series and the Tasting Traditions program.

Who have been some of the patrons researching at the Georgia Historical Society Research Center?

The Georgia Historical Society Research Center has welcomed a range of researchers, including historians, authors, journalists, and even Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, who have contributed to the study and dissemination of Georgia’s history.

How does the Savannah Historical Society engage the community in local heritage?

Through various projects and events such as educational series and collaborative programs, the Savannah Historical Society actively educates and involves the local community in preserving and understanding Savannah’s rich historical heritage.

What impact did the Davenport House have on historical preservation in Savannah?

The movement to save the Isaiah Davenport House from demolition was a turning point for historical preservation in Savannah, leading to the formation of the Historic Savannah Foundation and the revitalization of the city’s identity through heritage conservation.

What is the significance of historical preservation projects in Savannah’s development?

Historical preservation projects have been crucial to Savannah’s cultural, economic, and social resurgence, helping to maintain its distinct identity, and have contributed to a thriving tourism industry rooted in the city’s architectural and historical landscape.

How do historical society initiatives contribute to Savannah’s community?

Historical society initiatives extend beyond saving individual buildings to revitalize entire neighborhoods, positively impacting public policy, the economy, and reinforcing Savannah’s unique cultural identity through community heritage curation.

Why is Savannah’s National Historic Landmark District significant?

Savannah’s extensive National Historic Landmark District showcases the city’s rich variety of historical architecture and urban design, highlighting the city’s commitment to architectural historical preservation and its status as a model for other U.S. cities.

How does the Pioneers in Preservation Series impact historical education?

The Pioneers in Preservation Series facilitates educational outreach by hosting events that present critical historical topics, fostering scholarly dialogue, and enhancing community engagement with Savannah’s past.

Who are some individuals recognized for their excellence in historical preservation?

Volunteers like Wilma Wheaton, who has contributed to various organizations such as the City of Savannah Municipal Archives and the Bonaventure Historical Society, are celebrated by the Savannah Historical Society and other institutions for their dedication to preserving local history.

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