Savor the Flavors: Must-Try Savannah Food Tour Itineraries

March 1, 2024

If you’re planning to explore the heart of Georgia’s culinary finesse, consider embarking upon Savannah Food Tour Itineraries for a truly customized journey into the flavors that define this historic city. Renowned for its deep-rooted gastronomic heritage, Savannah invites you on a palatable exploration like no other. With each bite and sip, you’ll unravel the intricate tapestry of unique food tour experiences in Savannah, perfectly blending tradition with contemporary tastes.

Envision yourself taking a leisurely stroll through Savannah’s storied streets, the scent of Southern cuisine guiding you to your next delectable stop. As you explore Savannah’s food scene, you can craft an itinerary that tickles your taste buds and even aligns with specific dietary preferences, ensuring an experience that is tailored just for you. Get ready to savor the distinct flavors that only Savannah can offer, from classic Southern comfort food to innovative gastronomic creations.

Key Takeaways

  • Immerse in the diverse culinary landscape of Savannah with customizable food tours.
  • Discover the intertwining of history and gastronomy unique to Savannah’s food scene.
  • Experience the ease of curated culinary itineraries tailored to your preferences.
  • Gain the opportunity to taste iconic Southern dishes and innovative cuisine.
  • Enjoy the fusion of picturesque scenery with sumptuous local gastronomy.

Embarking on a Savannah Taste Adventure

Prepare your palate for an indulgent foray through the heart of the South with top-rated Savannah food tours. You’ll be stepping into a realm where the rich tapestry of history meshes with the vibrant tastes of the present. A three-hour culinary delights of Savannah tour awaits, offering an accessible and enthralling jaunt into the city’s edible heritage.

Wander through lush gardens and past antebellum homes, where every corner turned is a step back in time. You’ll visit landmarks steeped in history while savoring flavors that tell their own stories. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • An introduction to the famed Southern hospitality with tastings from locally revered eateries.
  • Interactive strolls that blend Savannah’s signature sights with delicious hand-picked tastings.
  • Insights into the fusion of traditional and contemporary Southern cooking methods.

By the end of your tour, you’ll not only recognize Savannah’s signature dishes but also understand the influences that have shaped its culinary delights. There’s no greater joy than concluding your tour with newfound knowledge and a contented stomach, savoring the satisfaction of good food and great stories in the Hostess City of the South.

An Insider’s Guide to Top-Rated Savannah Food Tours

Savannah Taste Experience

Delve into the heart of the Savannah Taste Experience and discover the must-try dishes in Savannah through the eyes of fellow culinary adventurers. By examining five-star reviews on trusted platforms like TripAdvisor and Facebook, you gain invaluable insights into what makes these food tours a taste sensation. As you read on, imagine yourself meandering through Savannah, guided by experts whose passion for the city’s flavors and stories will transform your visit into a feast for the senses.

  • Savor the secrets of the east side’s hidden culinary gems, where the fusion of tradition and innovation will surprise your palate.
  • Embark on the Four Squares food tour that promises a voyage through Savannah’s rich cultural tapestry and sumptuous local fare.
  • Enthusiastic guides like Pamela and John, often highlighted in reviews for their knowledge and wit, make your journey through Savannah’s food scene both entertaining and enlightening.

With each story shared and dish sampled, you’ll understand why these food tours are not merely about eating but about experiencing Savannah’s history and culture one bite at a time.

Whether you’re a long-time gourmand or a curious taster, the top-rated Savannah food tours offer a window into the soul of the city, blending the tastes of its esteemed eateries with the whispers of its storied past. Here’s to your next culinary adventure in Georgia’s own treasure trove of gastronomy. Are you ready to explore?

The Culinary Delights of Savannah’s Famous Restaurants

As you explore the best restaurants in Savannah, prepare for an expedition through some of the most iconic food experiences in Savannah. The city’s culinary charm lies not just in the flavors but also the ambiance of its celebrated eateries. One cannot speak of Savannah’s gastronomy without praising the southern hospitality that complements each meal, making every dining occasion exceptional.

Your journey may begin at the illustrious Belford’s Savannah Seafood & Steaks, located in the heart of the Savannah Historic District. Here, the marriage of the South’s finest steak with delectable seafood creates a taste sensation that will stay with you long after the last bite. Following this, treat yourself to the world-class coastal cuisine at 700 Drayton Restaurant, housed within the iconic Mansion on Forsyth Park, where culinary art meets historical opulence.

  • Collins Quarter at Forsyth: Dine with scenic views of the park while savoring a brunch that will redefine your mornings.
  • The Vault Kitchen and Market: Explore chic Asian fusion in a repurposed bank turned culinary hotspot, right in the Starland District.
  • Madame Butterfly: For a communal dining experience, this is a haven for Korean culinary enthusiasts where sharing is part of the joy.

Each of these venues contributes to Savannah’s reputation for fine dining and unforgettable atmospheres. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual outing, you’ll find that the city’s array of restaurants caters to every taste and mood.

Savannah Food Tour Itineraries Tailored for Foodie Groups

Culinary Delights of Savannah

As you gather your fellow epicureans for an unforgettable journey through the “Hostess City of the South”, you’ll find that the culinary delights of Savannah are best explored with a foodie’s guide. Navigating through this historic city, your group can indulge in the rich tapestry of flavors that the local gastronomy scene offers. With an array of dining options that cater specifically to groups, you’re set to experience an array of culinary wonders, all while soaking in the vibrant culture and charming ambiance of Savannah.

Whether you’re feasting on the locally-sourced ingredients at Local 11ten or toasting to the skyline on the rooftop of Top Deck, every stop on your itinerary adds another layer to the storied culinary narrative of Savannah. For those planning larger events, look no further than the exceptional service and sustainable offerings provided by the Savannah Convention Center’s catering, home to the largest kitchen in Chatham County.

  • Relish in private dining experiences tailored to the preferences of your foodie collective.
  • Sip on rooftop cocktails as you take in the panoramic views and lively atmosphere at Top Deck.
  • Discover the indelible mark of the local artisanal producers at places like Savannah Bee Company and Byrd Cookie Company.

Every palate is sure to be delighted as you explore the honey-touched creations of the Savannah Bee Company, renowned for their artisanal honey and bee-inspired goods. Meanwhile, at Byrd Cookie Company, your senses will be treated to an array of sweet and savory bites, perfect for sharing amongst friends or as a tasty souvenir from your gastronomic expedition.

Indeed, the essence of Savannah’s rich culinary heritage is the seamless blend of tradition and innovation—an essence that is captured perfectly in the experiences made available for foodie groups. So, whether you’re here to celebrate a special occasion or simply to savor the collective joy of good company and great food, Savannah extends an invitation to create memories that will last a lifetime amidst its dining landscapes.

Customized Food Tour Experiences in Savannah

As you consider the multitude of ways to immerse yourself in Savannah’s vibrant culinary scene, it’s clear that tailored experiences are the secret ingredient for an unforgettable journey. With top-rated Savannah food tours and unique food tour experiences in Savannah, you can customize your gastronomic adventure to suit your individual tastes and interests.

Imagine yourself part of an exclusive group, engaged in a private cocktail creation class with leading mixologists, or perhaps taking a leisurely pedal through Savannah’s historic streets with a group of friends on a bike tour that brings together both sightseeing and relaxed pub stops. Stretch your culinary skills further as you participate in expert-led cooking classes that promise a hands-on approach to preparing and enjoying traditional Southern dishes.

  • Join Revelry Tours for an immersive premium cocktail experience.
  • Embrace the camaraderie on a 15-person bike ride with Savannah Slow Ride, blending city sights and refreshing pub stops.
  • Refine your culinary prowess at 700 Kitchen Cooking School or catch the enthusiasm at Chef Darin’s Kitchen Table with dedicated cooking and cocktail-crafting sessions.

Your palate deserves the thrill of discovery, and in Savannah, the possibilities to personalize your food experience are endless. A detailed itinerary with these bespoke experiences guarantees not just a taste of the city’s flavors, but a deep dive into the culture and history that make Savannah the perfect destination for any food lover.

Tasting the Best Restaurants in Savannah

Top-rated Savannah Food Tours

As you immerse yourself in the Southern charm of Savannah, dining at some of the best restaurants in Savannah is an adventure you won’t want to miss. These gastronomic havens are an integral element of the city’s identity and a highlight on top-rated Savannah food tours. Each establishment brings its own unique flair to the table, serving up a delightful array of dishes that range from contemporary innovations to treasured traditional Southern fare.

  • The Grey: Housed in a restored 1938 Greyhound Bus Terminal, this eatery melds history with plate perfection, offering a seasonal menu that reflects the best of coastal Georgia’s bounty.
  • Cha Bella: Embrace the farm-to-table experience as you delve into creative dishes crafted with locally sourced organic ingredients, ensuring each bite is as fresh as it is tantalizing.
  • The Olde Pink House: Step into a colonial mansion to indulge in classic Southern cuisine that carries a legend as rich as its flavors; an absolute must-visit for any epicurean traveler.

Among the famed culinary gems, you must not miss out on:

  1. Savoring the exquisite grass-fed lamb chops at Chive Sea Bar & Lounge, paired perfectly with one of their signature cocktails.
  2. Taking a bite of the mouthwatering Rhett Smash Burger, complemented by Old Bay fries, at Rhett, an experience that exemplifies the gastronomic diversity Savannah is celebrated for.

These renowned establishments not only represent the best restaurants in Savannah, but they also serve as waypoints on the journey through the city’s rich culinary landscape—each with its own story to tell. Your exploration of Savannah’s food scene would be incomplete without stepping into these extraordinary eateries and tasting their legendary dishes, so ensure that they are part of your gastronomic itinerary.

Savor the Must-Try Dishes Unique to Savannah

As you wander through the oak-lined streets of Savannah, your culinary adventure would be incomplete without indulging in the city’s renowned must-try dishes. Each meal is an opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that make up the culinary delights of Savannah. Let’s dive into a day’s worth of meals uniquely crafted by this historical gem of the South.

Begin your gastronomic journey with breakfast, deemed the most important meal of the day, and rightfully so in Savannah. Imagine starting your day with:

  • Leo’s Big Brekkie at Collins Quarter, a feast that’s as nourishing as it is delightful.
  • The artisanal, handmade sweet croissants from Goose Feathers—an absolute treat for those with a sweet tooth.

As midday approaches, lunch options in Savannah promise a continuation of your flavorful exploration:

  1. The Public Kitchen & Bar’s Curried Prince Edward Island Mussels—a harmonious blend of spices and succulent seafood.
  2. Little Duck Diner’s Bi Bim Bop Bowl, a trendy twist on a traditional Korean favorite.

When the Southern sun begins to dip, settle down for a dinner that encapsulates the sublime tastes of the city:

  • Indulge in Rhett’s Wet Aged Ribeye for a robust, meaty experience.
  • Or, opt for the elegant shrimp and crab risotto at Cha Bella—an exquisite merger of land and sea.

Each dining establishment in Savannah adds its own page to the city’s storied culinary history. From the first bite of the day to the last savory forkful, the must-try dishes in Savannah showcase the city’s love for food and its southern charm. Make sure these delights top your list to genuinely capture the culinary soul of Savannah.

A Foodie’s Guide to Navigating Savannah’s Best Eateries

foodie's guide to Savannah

As a self-proclaimed connoisseur ever-curious about exploring Savannah’s food scene, your journey through this historic city should be marked by delectable discoveries, one appetizer at a time. Starting with starters, enter the world of communal dining, where a platter of Local 11ten’s tempura fried eggplant or the tiropitakia from Olympia Cafe initiates a shared gustatory experience, bonding you and your companions over palatable delights.

The entrée course in Savannah is where variety truly shines, mirroring the city’s culinary diversity. Venture out and taste the sea’s treasures at The Grey or embrace the warmth of Southern comfort with classics served at The Olde Pink House. Each dish not only satisfies your hunger but also tells the story of Savannah—an eclectic mix of sophistication and homespun tradition.

  • Delight in shareable dishes that spark conversation and tantalize the palate.
  • Embark on a main course excursion that offers a bounty of seafood and iconic Southern fare.
  • Conclude your meal on a high note with a dessert destined to steal the spotlight.

Be sure to save room for dessert because your foodie’s guide to Savannah would be incomplete without relishing the sweetness of indulgences like the Strawberry Suspension Cake at Lulu’s Chocolate Bar—an essential finale that pays homage to the city’s adoration for sugary confections. Whether your day ends with a stroll through the charming streets or a moonlit walk along the riverfront, your culinary adventure in Savannah promises to leave a lasting impression, not just on your memory, but also on your palate.

Iconic Food Experiences in Savannah’s Squares

As you stroll through the enchanting squares of Savannah, your senses are immediately enveloped by the city’s deep-rooted history and its vibrant present. These squares, brimming with live oaks and historical monuments, are not merely a window into the past; they serve as the stage for some of the most iconic food experiences in Savannah. Here, culinary artistry is displayed in full force, offering a delectable blend of tradition and innovation.

Your Savannah Food Tour Itinerary may include the renowned Savannah Taste Experience, which guides you through these verdant plazas with the promise of unforgettable flavors waiting around every corner. Imagine savoring freshly prepared coastal delicacies while lounging under the dappled shade of an aged oak, the gentle murmur of the fountain mingling with the clink of fine dining—a symphony to accompany your meal.

  1. Taste local artisanal cheeses paired with Savannah-made honey.
  2. Sip on hand-crafted cocktails that pay homage to the rich history of the city.
  3. Sample gourmet bites from eateries revered for their innovative Southern cuisine.

These squares are more than just landmarks; they’re the backdrop for savoring locally-sourced dishes that epitomize Savannah’s epicurean spirit. Let each bite transport you through time, from traditional recipes passed down through generations to cutting-edge gastronomic experiments that are redefining Southern cuisine.

Iconic food experiences in Savannah seamlessly blend with the rich tapestry of the city’s history, providing a feast not only for the stomach but for the soul. So, as you wander the charming squares, let your appetite guide you through an edible mosaic of taste, scenery, and culture that can only be found in the heart of Savannah.

Unique Food Tour Experiences for a Journey Through Savannah’s Food Scene

Ready to expand your culinary horizon? Your quest for unique food tour experiences in Savannah leads you down enchanting streets lined with the whispers of history and the temptation of innovative southern flavors. Indulge in a taste tapestry woven from the very fabric of the city.

Let the cobblestone beneath your feet guide you to acclaimed bars where mixologists concoct magic in a glass. Here are some highlights for you to consider:

  • Sip the vibrant Blood Orange Martini, a cocktail teeming with the zestful spirit of Savannah.
  • Raise a toast with the refreshing Top Deck Mojito, a drink that captures the laid-back elegance of the city’s rooftop lounges.
  • Experience the bold Monarch cocktail at Peregrin, a rooftop haven with panoramic views that are as stunning as the drinks.
  • Embrace tradition with an Old Fashioned at Edgar’s Proof and Provision, where classic southern charm meets modern mixology.

For those intrigued by Savannah’s mysterious allure, join a haunted pub crawl. Step into a world where every stop is a chapter from the past, each filled with tales and characters as rich as the city itself.

From sipping handcrafted cocktails to unraveling ghost stories by the bar, these Savannah food tour itineraries are your key to uncovering the Hostess City’s most treasured secrets — through flavors and tales that define the essence of Savannah.

Exploring Savannah’s Celebrated Food History and Culture

You’re invited to feast on history with each step through Savannah’s charming streets. As you indulge in the Savannah Food Tour Itineraries, you’re not just exploring Savannah’s food scene; you’re peeling back layers of a rich culinary tapestry woven through time. The city’s hospitality invites you to experience its food history and culture, an invitation you’ll savor in every bite.

Recognized by Tripadvisor and Southern Living, Savannah’s gastronomic offerings are a palatable mosaic of award-winning fine dining establishments, laid-back eateries, innovative vegan spots, and brunch destinations revered by locals and travelers alike. Embark on a journey that’s not just about filling your plate, but also feeding your curiosity for the storied past of one of America’s oldest cities.

  • Relish in the storied Southern flavours at centuries-old restaurants where recipes are treasures passed down through generations.
  • Sip and savour on rooftop bars where every cocktail tells a story against the backdrop of historical squares.
  • Engage with local food artisans at public markets and appreciate the craft that goes into each locally-sourced product.

The spirit of Savannah is deeply embedded in its food, with every taste offering not just a meal, but a narrative. As you walk the cobblestone streets and venture into quaint cafes, you connect with the city’s soul—one delicious discovery at a time.

Whether dining under the stars in a bustling public square or enjoying a meal in a quiet, secret garden, your experience is as much about the atmosphere as it is about the exquisite cuisine. Partake in this edible history by dining at places that have shaped Savannah’s food scene into the celebrated cultural landmark it is today.

  1. Witness culinary artistry at upscale restaurants blending contemporary cooking techniques with traditional Southern ingredients.
  2. Join themed food tours that illustrate Savannah’s past, spicing up the experience with gourmet bites and captivating tales.
  3. Find camaraderie at community tables at local eateries, where every meal is a chance to share stories and create new memories.

Your venture into Savannah’s gastronomy is an immersive tapestry of tastes and tales, with every forkful a deeper insight into the city’s celebrated food history and culture. Enjoy the journey, relish the flavors, and carry with you the taste of true Southern hospitality long after your visit has ended.


As your journey through the rich tapestry of Savannah Food Tour Itineraries comes to a close, take a moment to reflect upon the culinary riches you’ve encountered. This historical beacon has served not simply a feast for the palate, but a feast for the senses, where every bite is interlaced with the essence of Savannah’s charm. The depth and diversity of the food scene have led you through a narrative spun from the finest Southern traditions, paired with innovative twists that continue to shape the city’s gastronomy.

The vibrant street foods, the sumptuous dishes from Savannah’s renowned chefs, and the creative libations from skilled mixologists have all played a part in curating memorable Savannah culinary experiences for you. These flavors unite to orchestrate a symphony that resonates with the soul of the city, a melody that stays with you long after the last morsel has been savored. Embrace the warmth of Southern hospitality that has enveloped you at every stop, turning meals into memories that linger.

As you depart from the cobbled streets and picturesque squares, carry with you not just the pleasures of past tastes, but also the anticipation of future explorations. Savannah, with its open arms and ever-evolving food scene, will be waiting to guide you once more through another flavor-filled odyssey. Until then, let the savory recollections of your time in Savannah inspire your next culinary adventure, wherever it may take you.


What are some must-try Savannah Food Tour Itineraries?

To truly savor the flavors, consider itineraries like the Savannah Taste Adventure, which combines historical insights with culinary delights, or unique experiences like haunted pub crawls or personalized group tours that showcase the breadth of Savannah’s food scene.

How can I experience top-rated Savannah food tours?

Look for the Savannah Taste Experience, which offers immersive walking tours, or seek out companies that provide customized tours such as private dining experiences or cocktails and historic tales tours, highlighted in rave reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook.

Which restaurants offer iconic food experiences in Savannah?

The best restaurants in Savannah for an iconic food experience include places like The Grey, Belford’s, 700 Drayton Restaurant, and The Olde Pink House. These restaurants are renowned for their culinary prowess and epitomize Southern dining at its finest.

Can Savannah food tours accommodate foodie groups?

Absolutely! There are ample food tour itineraries tailored for groups, offering options like private dining experiences and group-friendly restaurants. Venues such as Local 11ten or the Savannah Convention Center cater specifically to the needs of larger parties.

What are some unique food tour experiences available in Savannah?

Some of the unique food tour experiences in Savannah include cocktail crafting classes, biking and dining adventures, and tours that allow you to engage in the city’s rich history while enjoying its contemporary food offerings.

What must-try dishes are unique to Savannah?

Don’t miss out on dishes like the grass-fed lamb chops at Chive Sea Bar & Lounge, shrimp and crab risotto at Cha Bella, and the Rhett Smash Burger at Rhett. These dishes are cornerstones of Savannah’s culinary heritage.

Where can I find a foodie’s guide to navigating the best eateries in Savannah?

To help navigate Savannah’s best eateries, consider guides like the Savannah Taste Experience or reviews on culinary publication websites. These resources are designed to highlight must-visit dining spots and shareable starters that encapsulate the local flavor.

Are there food tours that incorporate Savannah’s historic squares?

Yes, you can take walking tours with companies like Savannah Taste Experiences that explore the historic squares while offering tastings from local eateries, combining the charm of the city with its gourmet offerings.

How can I explore Savannah’s food history and culture?

Engage with top-rated food tours that offer historical insights, visit local culinary landmarks, and participate in experiences that weave through the scenic and storied streets of Savannah, highlighting both the past and present of its food scene.

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