Thrills and Chills: A Spooky Guide to Savannah’s Sightseeing

February 6, 2024

Prepare yourself for an exhilarating escapade into the heart of Savannah, a city that celebrates its supernatural charm with open arms. Renowned as a hub for Savannah Spooky Sightseeing, the historic cobblestone alleys and hauntingly beautiful oaks set the stage for an array of Thrilling Savannah ghost tours and Eerie Savannah attractions. Here, every corner whispers tales of ages past, brimming with ghostly lore that beckons your curiosity.

As you traverse this storied city, expect to be enveloped in chilling narratives and unexpected encounters. Thrilling Savannah ghost tours promise to lead you through the shrouded mysteries and paranormal wonders of Savannah’s rich, ominous history. For those with a taste for the macabre and the adventurous, these journeys through the city’s eerie attractions are not merely walks but a stride across the thin line between our world and the one that lies just beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • Embark on a journey through Savannah’s haunted history and witness the city’s eerie charm.
  • Experience the thrill of ghostly tales and paranormal encounters with each step on Savannah’s cobblestone streets.
  • Feed your adventurous spirit with some of the most bone-chilling attractions Savannah has to offer.
  • Join one of the many ghost tours to delve deep into the supernatural side of Savannah’s storied past.
  • Discover why Savannah is considered one of the premier destinations for those seeking a spine-tingling supernatural experience.

Unearthing the Ghostly Legends of Savannah’s Haunted Pubs

Your quest for the supernatural in Savannah wouldn’t be complete without joining the infamous Savannah haunted pub crawl. This immersive experience takes you through the heart of the city’s spirited history, where every tavern and bar has a tale to tell. As you embark on this journey, prepare to be enveloped by the eerie charm of the region’s most storied watering holes.

The crawl is as much about enjoying the local libations as it is about discovering the ghostly experiences Savannah is known for. Join guides like the renowned Spooky Steve and the enigmatic Raven, who will regale you with chilling stories that perfectly marry the pub’s histories with their haunted reputations. The blend of enthraling anecdotes and atmospheric locations creates an outing that’s as educational as it is hair-raising.

  • The famous Moon River Brewing Company, with a basement known for its spectral sightings, is a must-visit for any daring soul.
  • Commune with the spirits, both liquid and ethereal, as you delve into the depths of Savannah’s haunted past.
  • With rave reviews, the majority of participants have described this haunted tour in Savannah as exceptional, with an ideal balance of fear and fun.

Imagine yourself surrounded by the ambiance of the old world, sipping a crafted cocktail where the spirits of yesteryear might be just as present as the drink in your hand. This haunted pub crawl not only promises to tingle your spine but to offer an unparalleled peek into Savannah’s storied afterlife.

Each stop on the haunted pub crawl promises its own unique ghostly encounters, binding your experience with the webs of intrigue that Savannah is woven from. Not only will you leave with a newfound appreciation for Savannah’s darker history, but perhaps with a few spectral stories of your own to share. Just remember to toast to the departed before you depart each pub – you never know who might be joining your crawl unseen!

Wandering the Eerie Streets on The Savannah Haunted History Tour

Savannah Haunted History Tour

As you embark on the Savannah Haunted History Tour, prepare yourself to walk amidst the shadows of the past in a city renowned for its paranormal activities. Your adventure begins in the ancient grounds of the Colonial Park Cemetery, a site brimming with centuries-old stories and secrets waiting to be unearthed.

Uncovering the mysteries of creepy attractions in Savannah is an experience that resonates with all age groups. This tour skillfully combines historical enlightenment with narratives of the unseen, providing an engaging exploration that can be enjoyed as a family.

Along the way, witness the historic elegance and hear the spectral whispers of various haunted mansions. Each tale is steeped in the kind of old-world charm that only Savannah can offer, making for a truly memorable journey through the city’s ghostly heritage.

  • Experience family-friendly storytelling that captivates the imagination without causing nightmares.
  • Step into the past as guides recount the chronicles of those who once walked these streets.
  • Feel the intrigue grow with each traveler’s photo and testimonial hinting at the paranormal.

The allure of the Savannah Haunted History Tour lies in its careful balancing act between education and eerie allure, ensuring that every guest leaves with a deeper appreciation for Savannah’s spectral saga. Gear up to peel back the layers of time and connect with the city in an ethereal, yet grounded, manner.

Chilling Encounters in the Heart of Savannah’s Historic District

As you meander through Savannah’s Historic District, your senses heighten—every shadow and whisper part of the mosaic that composes this city’s haunted history. Each step ventures deeper into a realm where supernatural sightings in Savannah are more common than the croak of a night heron. Imagine the intrigue as the 90 Minute Original Haunted Savannah Tour transforms the familiar cobblestone pathways into a chronicle of ghostly encounters, narrated by the echoes of history.

This nocturnal journey begins under the maternal gaze of oaks at Lafayette Square, where the past lingers just beyond the veil of darkness. As you explore, the tour guide—a custodian of the city’s spectral lore—unveils stories so vivid, they resurrect the spirits etched in Savannah’s past. With a blend of historical insight and paranormal evidence, you’re not just hearing tales; you’re experiencing them.

  • A breath away from the haunted mansions, you might feel a chill unrelated to the Southern night’s air.
  • With each revelation, the line between reality and the supernatural blurs like the mist over the Savannah River.
  • Anecdotes of long-gone residents and their unsettled affairs create a tapestry as intricate as the ironwork on the antebellum homes.

Remember, in Savannah’s Historic District, the stories of haunted history are around every corner, waiting to be uncovered. Dare you peel back the layers of time for a fleeting encounter with the perennial residents? The answer should be a resounding yes, for this is your portal to a past that refuses to be forgotten.

The Dark Secrets Behind Savannah’s Grand Mansions

Haunted mansions Savannah

Imagine walking through the cobbled streets of Savannah, a gentle breeze whispering through the oak trees, as you approach some of the most beautiful yet chilling historical homes in the United States. These are not ordinary homes: they are the haunted mansions Savannah is known for, each a repository of thrilling tales from the past.

Step into the realm of the supernatural and experience the thrilling Savannah ghost experiences firsthand. The Mercer House, an exquisite architectural gem, may draw you in with its beauty, but it’s the stories of its eerie past that will captivate your imagination. The whispers of its halls speak of its former inhabitants, whose presence can still be felt today.

Continue your journey to the Sorrel-Weed House, enveloped in mystery and whispered speculation. Here, the line between the living and the dead blurs as guests recount the chilling sensations of being watched or hearing unexplained sounds that echo through the mansion.

The Kehoe House and Owens-Thomas House are steeped in legend just as rich. Spend time within their walls and you may hear the gentle patter of children’s feet where no children are to be seen, or feel the touch of an unseen hand guiding you through the rooms.

  • Mercer House: Encounter the echoes of a troubled past, captivating the hearts of ghost enthusiasts.
  • Sorrel-Weed House: Stand amidst the shadows of mystery that shroud the walls, challenging the bravest of souls.
  • Kehoe House: Experience the laughter of invisible children, chilling the spine of any visitor.
  • Owens-Thomas House: Take in the mystique of whispered tales, beckoning visitors from far and wide.

Exploring these grand mansions not only offers a glimpse into Savannah’s architectural grandeur but also immerses you in the goosebump-inducing narratives that have long outlived those who first told them. Are you ready to unlock the dark secrets they hold?

Summoning Spirits: Ghost Tours Savannah After Dark

When the sun dips below the horizon and shadows lengthen on the squares and avenues of Savannah, the city transforms into a gathering place for those who seek a brush with the supernatural. Ghost tours Savannah beckons you, offering a lantern-lit path through some of the most eerie places Savannah has concealed in plain sight, day turned to night. As you tread these haunted steps, each guide’s tale is steeped in the fabric of history, and each turn brings you face-to-face with supernatural stories that might just spill over into your own reality.

  • Embark on a night-time exploration of antebellum mansions that harbor centuries-old spirits.
  • Discover the time-worn cemeteries where the line between the living and the dead seems whisper-thin.
  • Experience historic inns and squares where paranormal presences are as commonplace as the sprawling oaks.

Arm yourself with a camera; Savannah’s spectral residents have been known to make surprise cameos in the photos of unsuspecting tourists. Whether it’s orbs of light, unexplained figures, or a sudden chill in an otherwise warm breeze, your Savannah dark tour might yield more than just stories.

Your evening encounter with Savannah’s ghostly past is not just a spine-chill—it’s a journey through time, an education in the hauntings that history cannot easily shake off. Do you dare uncover these secrets? Do you venture into the night to summon the spirits? Ghost tours Savannah welcomes you at dusk, ready to enshroud you in an enigmatic world where history and the inexplicable meet, eager to reveal what lurks in the shadows.

Savannah’s Paranormal Activities: Beyond the Grave

If your fascination with the supernatural draws you to delve into paranormal activities in Savannah, prepare yourself for a journey that ventures beyond the grave. This storied city is teeming with ghostly legends and offers a vast landscape for haunted explorations. Every mossy oak and cobblestone lane holds whispers of the past, ready to echo through the veil of reality and reach those brave enough to listen.

Experience the ethereal presence of Savannah during the day as you wander through historic graveyards where every headstone tells a tale. Colonial Park Cemetery, in particular, is renowned for its daytime encounters, where many have reported a chilling touch or a fleeting shadow that darts just out of sight.

  • Explore storied sites where the past feels startlingly present.
  • Engage with knowledgeable guides who can reveal the secrets behind each haunted landmark.
  • Hear tales of generations that walked these streets and learn why their spirits linger.

When nightfalls, the thrill intensifies. Savannah’s evening ghost tours are not for the faint of heart – they provide an immersive experience where the supernatural history of Savannah unwinds before your very eyes. You’ll find yourself trailing through shadows, each step a chance to encounter the paranormal firsthand.

  1. Join a guided haunted exploration under the moon’s glow.
  2. Discover the notorious haunts where specters are said to be most active.
  3. Unlock the darker chapters in Savannah’s history that nighttime veils.

Whether you’re seeking a gentle shiver down your spine or a profound meeting with the mystical, Savannah extends an unmatched welcome. It’s a city where every moment holds the potential for an otherworldly connection, where history and the supernatural dance together in the Southern breeze.

Ready your senses and let curiosity be your guide. In Savannah, every corner turned offers a step deeper into the realm of the unknown. Come and explore the spectral side of Savannah, a city where the tales of paranormal activities, ghostly legends, and haunted explorations are not just stories, but a palpable part of the experience. Forge your path through the eerie, the haunting, and the unequivocally intriguing – only in Savannah.

Creepy Attractions Savannah: Family-Friendly Fright Sites

When it comes to balancing the spooky with the educational, Savannah excels with its array of family-friendly ghost tours. Perhaps you’re eager to introduce your youngsters to the thrill of the paranormal, or maybe you’re seeking an experience that offers a soft introduction to the city’s darker history without the sleepless nights. Savannah’s creepy attractions serve as the perfect venues for creating lasting memories.

One of the most acclaimed tours set to entertain and educate is the Savannah Haunted History Tour. This daytime journey is tailored to be less intense, ensuring that every member of the family, regardless of age, can enjoy a comfortably eerie adventure. It’s a unique way to immerse yourselves in educational haunting experiences that the historic city has to offer.

  1. Navigate through age-old cemeteries where the narratives of past residents come alive in a truly fascinating way.
  2. Explore reputedly haunted squares where the blend of history and mystery provides a stimulating experience.
  3. Visit landmarks where the past is recounted with a dose of gentle chills, perfect for the curious minds of younger visitors.

For families looking to embark on a bewitching journey, Savannah’s historic charm promises a welcoming atmosphere with just the right amount of spook. Your adventure awaits in this city known for its spectral sightings, yet is also celebrated for its warmth and southern hospitality.

Following in the Footsteps of Savannah’s Haunted History

Colonial Park Cemetery Savannah

As you trace the shadows of haunted landmarks Savannah has meticulously preserved, you immerse yourself in a narrative that has captivated the souls of visitors for generations. These storied grounds whisper tales of yesteryear, each corner, each creaking step resonating with the echoes of the past. By engaging in historic ghost tours, you unearth Savannah’s profound cultural heritage—a tapestry woven with threads of mystery and legend. Let the spirits of the past guide you through a city that revels in its ghostly reputation.

The experience of walking amidst these time-honored haunts is not merely about the cold touch of a spectral presence; it is an educational venture, a deep dive into a history that refuses to be forgotten. Imagine strolling through the Colonial Park Cemetery, where the tombstones, more than mere markers of the deceased, stand as silent narrators of lives once lived and lost. Here, under the hanging Spanish moss, you are treading the same ground as figures from Savannah’s rich history, whose stories are inextricably linked to the very essence of this enigmatic city.

Allow the knowledgeable guides to lead you through an unforgettable journey, where each site, each ancient brick is part of a larger chronicle. The historic ghost tours are not just walks; they are vivid passages back in time, compelling you to ponder the lives that once animated these spaces. The undisturbed beauty around you belies the turbulent and often morbid tales that have become the lifeblood of Savannah’s allure as a center for hauntings and the paranormal.

  • Linger by the famed Mercer House, shrouded in its intriguing dark past.
  • Visit the Owens-Thomas House, and listen to the murmurs of history within its walls.
  • Feel the palpable energy of the Sorrel-Weed House, a vault of restless spirits.

Embarking on this spectral pilgrimage, you connect with those who came before you, their stories becoming a part of your own—a reminder that in Savannah, the past is never truly gone. Your footsteps, echoing alongside the whispers of the departed, become the newest layer in Savannah’s everlasting saga.

Restless Souls and Savannah’s Eerie Places

As you wander through the city of Savannah, you’re enveloped by an eerie atmosphere that is as palpable as the humid Southern air. It’s a city where the haunted history is not tucked away but instead forms a continuous thread with the present, inviting you to explore its shadowy corners. In this exploration, you’ll encounter the tales of restless souls that still linger in the most unsuspecting of places.

The sound of children laughing in empty mansions, the sightings of ghostly figures strolling through moonlit cemeteries, and the unwavering sensation of being watched – these are the experiences that forge Savannah’s reputation as a haven for spirits who have not found their peace. Each step on the cobblestone streets or gaze upon the Victorian Gothic architecture raises questions about the thin division between life and the afterlife.

  • Feel the chill at Colonial Park Cemetery where whispers from the past seem to follow your path.
  • Visit the Mercer House, where the air feels charged with the untold stories of its past inhabitants.
  • Embrace the night at one of Savannah’s famed ghost tours and come face-to-face with centuries-old stories of the paranormal.

Whether by the light of day or in the shadows of night, your journey through Savannah assures a compelling brush with the past where the stories of restless souls are as rich as the culture woven into the fabric of the city.

Exploring the Unknown: Savannah’s Most Infamous Haunted Landmarks

Savannah's haunted landmarks

You’re drawn to stories that transcend the ordinary, ones imbued with eerie happenings and spectral whispers that hint at the supernatural. In Savannah’s storied landscape, there’s no shortage of locales reputed for paranormal experiences and historic ghost sightings. The allure of these sites is irresistible, each one echoing with the tales of yesteryear and the footfalls of the unseen.

The legendary haunted Mercer House is infamous for its chilling history. The whispers of its ghostly inhabitant linger in the corridors, causing many a visitor’s spine to tingle with the sense of being watched. Similarly, the Sorrel-Weed House’s darkened halls are steeped in mystery, with numerous claims of encounters with its spectral residents. These are not mere fables; they are the essence of Savannah’s most infamous haunted landmarks.

  • The Kehoe House—haunt of the otherworldly children’s laughter.
  • The Owens-Thomas House—rich in history and rumored visitations.

Your exploration of Savannah’s supernatural draws you into a narrative that intertwines reality with the otherworldly. Each landmark, a chapter in a larger tale waiting for you to tread its hauntingly beautiful grounds. These are sacred waypoints for those true believers seeking to connect with the city’s spirited past, to perhaps glimpse into the great unknown.


As the curtain falls on our exploration of Savannah Spooky Sightseeing, we solidify the sentiment that Savannah’s allure lies far deeper than the surface of its charming streets. It’s a city that whispers tales of the past, echoing through the lattice of its ironwork and the shade of its Spanish moss. Your foray into its supernatural realm might have started with curiosity, but it leaves you with a tapestry of stories about supernatural sightings, each thread more vibrant and mysterious than the last.

Our journey, rich with haunted Savannah tour experiences, assures that whether you’re clinking glasses in ghost-ridden taverns or strolling alongside historic homes that hum with untold secrets, every moment is drenched in intrigue. And when the tendrils of mist unfurl to reveal daylight, Savannah merely winks, knowing that its spectral residents are ever-present, merely veiled from sight. A walk through Savannah is, indeed, a dance with shadows, where every cobblestone and corner holds a serenade of the supernatural sightings recap.

So, as you leave behind the mystical allure of Savannah, know that the memories of its eerie embrace will follow you home. And when you feel the call to once again tread its haunted pathways, the hauntingly beautiful Savannah, with its bewitching grace and tales of yore, will be waiting. For those envisioning a future visit, remember to consider the inviting trails that lead to Savannah Lakes RV Resort in Hardeeville, SC—a retreat that promises solace after a day steeped in ghostly adventure.


What can I expect from Savannah Spooky Sightseeing?

Expect a thrilling journey through the city’s supernatural side with eerie Savannah attractions, chilling tales of haunted history, and possibly some spectral encounters. You’ll explore ghostly experiences and paranormal activities in some of Savannah’s most infamous haunted sites.

Are there any haunted pub crawls in Savannah?

Yes, the Savannah haunted pub crawl offers a mix of historic storytelling and ghostly experiences. You’ll tour various haunted bars and pubs with captivating guides, learning about the haunted tales of each location while enjoying the local drinks.

Is the Savannah Haunted History Tour suitable for children?

Absolutely! The Savannah Haunted History Tour is a family-friendly adventure that delves into the paranormal, minus the scare factor. It’s both educational and entertaining, making it perfect for family outings.

What kind of supernatural sightings can I experience in the Historic District?

The Historic District is known for frequent paranormal sightings and ghostly encounters. Guided tours after dark share haunting stories and present paranormal evidence, leading you through eerie places known for supernatural activity.

Can I visit haunted mansions in Savannah?

Yes, several of Savannah’s grand mansions, such as the Mercer House and Sorrel-Weed House, are notorious for their haunted histories and ghostly presences. Thrilling ghost experiences await as you explore the dark secrets these architectural marvels hold.

Are ghost tours available after dark in Savannah?

Yes, there are numerous ghost tours in Savannah that take place after the sun sets, offering spine-tingling excursions to some of the most eerie places in the city with guides who narrate supernatural stories and showcase haunted sites.

What kinds of paranormal activities are common in Savannah?

Savannah offers a variety of paranormal experiences, from spectral sightings to ghostly legends. You may hear tales of historical hauntings, experience unexplainable occurrences, or even witness apparitions during your visit.

Are there any creepy attractions in Savannah that are suitable for families?

Yes, besides haunted history tours that are crafted to be child-friendly, there are several creepy attractions in Savannah that offer frights with a side of education. These tours provide enlightening yet lightly spooky experiences for visitors of all ages.

What will I learn on historic ghost tours of Savannah’s landmarks?

Historic ghost tours offer insights into Savannah’s cultural heritage and macabre past. Tour guides share stories at famous haunted landmarks, like the Colonial Park Cemetery, blending history with the city’s rich paranormal lore.

How eerie is Savannah’s atmosphere, and what stories of restless souls might I hear?

Savannah emanates an eerie atmosphere, particularly noted around its historic cemeteries and antebellum homes. Stories of restless souls and supernatural occurrences are intertwined with the city’s history, offering a distinctly spooky aura.

Can I explore haunted landmarks during the day?

Yes, day tours are available that visit haunted landmarks like cemeteries and historical houses. These tours offer a glimpse into the haunted past during the daylight hours, which can be less intimidating for some visitors.

What are Savannah’s most infamous haunted landmarks, and are they accessible to the public?

Some of Savannah’s most infamous haunted landmarks open to the public include the Mercer House, Sorrel-Weed House, Kehoe House, and Owens-Thomas House. Visiting these sites can provide a deep dive into the city’s most famous hauntings and ghostly encounters.

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